MemberPLUS+ is an all-inclusive experience to daily activities and fun at MacDonald Island Park. This smart, fast and simple solution to your membership needs, removes the extra costs and equals big savings. Enjoy all the bonuses and add-ons that MacDonald Island Park has to offer without the additional cost

Add more to your membership with these exclusive benefits available to MemberPLUS+ 

  • Shake Up Your Routine with Unlimited Drop-in Group Fitness Classes
    • All group fitness classes at The Studio and HPTC are available at no cost
  • High Performance Training Centre Access
    • MemberPLUS+ receives extended access to HPTC outside of regular hours. Get your sweat on anytime Shell Place is open.
  • Stay on Track with a Free Body Composition Analysis
    • Keep focused and reach your health goals by getting an annual analysis at no-cost
  • Meet you at the Kids Clubhouse with complimentary Child Minding Services
    • Get up to two hours of child minding services at Kids Clubhouse every day with MemberPLUS+

Choose your Path

See if MemberPLUS+ is the right fit for you and your recreational goals. MemberPLUS+ can enjoy an all-inclusive experience at MacDonald Island Park – without all the extra costs. Use this guide to determine if MemberPLUS+ is right for you!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: How can I upgrade my current membership to MemberPLUS+?
      • A: All current members have the ability to upgrade their existing memberships to MemberPLUS+ with our Guest Services team.
      • Annual members will have their existing terms cancelled, with any applicable credit placed on their account. From there, a new MemberPLUS+ term will be created starting the day of the upgrade.
      • Continuous members will complete updated paperwork to confirm the pricing change and the upgraded price will commence on the next billing cycle. 
    • Q: How do I access the Kids Clubhouse benefits with my membership?
      • A: As a Member, you are welcome to enjoy the child minding services at the Kids Clubhouse on a drop-in, first come first serve basis. You will receive discounted rates with the Kids Clubhouse and can pay on a per use basis.
      • MemberPLUS+ pass holders enjoy child minding services at the Kids Clubhouse on a drop-in, first come, first serve basis. There is no additional fee to enjoy this amenity. 
    • Q: Who can be included in my family membership?
      • A: Family memberships can consist of a maximum of two adults (18+ years of age) and all dependents (17 years of age and under) that reside within the same household.
    • Q: How do I access High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) with my membership?
      • A: As a Member, you are able to enjoy the HPTC by registering for the seasonal HPTC Open Gym program. The program provides 3 times per week when the HPTC can be utilized.
      • At the MemberPLUS+ level, you will enjoy unlimited access during Shell Place Operational hours. Simply swipe your Smart Scan wristband at the gate for access. 
      • Please note, when programming is happening in the HPTC, MemberPLUS+ access is limited. For more information contact [email protected] 
    • Q: How do I access fitness classes at The Studio?
      • A: The Studio is designed to be a premier fitness area with guest convenience in mind. To partake in the various classes, you will check in directly at The Studio. MemberPLUS+ can scan their Smart Scan wristband upon arrival and prepare for their class.
      • Standard members and guests will pay the daily drop-in fee for their class prior to preparation for the class. Fitness classes at The Studio are included with MemberPLUS+
    • Q: Does my company's group discount apply to the MemberPLUS+?
      • A: All group discounts will be available on new MemberPLUS+ purchases and upgrades to existing memberships. 
    • Q: I would like to purchase a membership but am unsure of which level I should purchase?
      • A: Not sure what membership best suits your personal requirements and goals? Click here to view our handy decision tree and discover your best path to wellness.  
    • Q: What are the membership durations? 
      • A: Memberships can be purchased in two convenient durations:
      • ANNUAL: Active for 365 days from the date of purchase. 
      • CONTINUOUS: Active for a minimum of 3 full consecutive months and holds an unlimited duration. 
    • Q: What are my options for paying for my membership? 
      • A: Members have two options for payments of their membership fees. Annual memberships are paid in full at the time of registration. Continuous memberships are paid via preauthorized credit card payment and billed on monthly cycle. 
    • Q: How can I cancel my membership? 
      • A: The process for membership cancellations is based off the type of membership held. 
      • To cancel your membership, visit our Guest Services Team or email [email protected]

    Membership Terms & Conditions

    Please note that these terms & conditions are subject to change.

    • Terms & Conditions
      • Terms & Conditions
        • Family is defined as a maximum of two adults (ages 18+) and all children/youth (17 years of age and under) living at the same residence.
        • Students 25 years and younger must provide a valid student ID. Students 26 years and older must provide a transcript showing full-time enrollment in a minimum of three (3) credit courses per semester at either high school or post-secondary level.
        • Membership benefits apply only to the individual(s) with an active membership. An exception applies to complimentary child minding services in which the parent/guardian must have an active MemberPLUS+ membership for a child to receive access.
        • Current Members are able to upgrade to a membership of higher value at any time during their active membership period. To make any other changes, current refund and cancellation policies will apply.
        • All memberships shall be subject to the governing rules and regulations of the RRC facility and membership policies.
        • Continuous memberships must be active for a minimum of a three (3) month billing cycle.
        • Each month, the continuous membership will be automatically renewed and payment of the membership fee will be made by a debit to the member’s bank account or charged to the given credit card.
        • Members may suspend memberships once per year up to three (3) consecutive months.
        • Any payment returned NSF or account closed will be subject to a $25 NSF charge. If payment is not received for the outstanding balance on account before the next scheduled payment date, the plan will be terminated and the continuous membership privileges for the affected members will be removed.
        • Membership fees may be subject to annual increases.
        • Lost, Stolen, or Misplaced Smart Scan wristbands will result in a $10 replacement fee
        • All memberships are subject to GST.
    • Cancellation Policies
      • Annual Membership Cancellation:
        • Annual memberships can be cancelled if the member has a medical reason or is relocating.
        • Refunds will be pro-rated and a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) or ten percent (10%), whichever is greater, administration fee will be applied.
        • If cancelling due to relocation the member is required to provide a forwarding address outside of the Wood Buffalo region.
        • If cancelling due to a medical reason, a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner is required.
        • All cancellation refunds (if eligible) are issued either by credit on the account (no admin fee will be charged) or by cheque. Please allow two to four weeks for processing.
      • Continuous Membership Cancellation
        • Continuous Memberships can be cancelled after three full billing cycles have been completed with 30 day written notice via completion of a cancellation form at Guest Services.
        • Continuous membership cancellations received between the first (1st) and the fifteenth (15th) of the current month will result in the current month membership fee charged at the end of the current month. Cancellation requests received between the sixteenth (16th) and the end of the current month will result in the subsequent month’s membership fee being charged at end of month. Membership terminates on the last day of the subsequent month. No refunds are given on any unused portion of the Continuous Membership.
        • Continuous Memberships are subject to a non-refundable fifteen dollar ($15) administration fee due at registration.
        • Rates are subject to change within thirty (30) days of written notice.
      • Group Membership Cancellation
        • The full retail value of any promotional items offered at the time of the group membership sign-up will be deducted from the refundable amount.
        • All Annual Memberships Cancellation Policies apply 

    Still have Questions?

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