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Our team uses a multifaceted approach to fitness training that generates results by enabling participants to feel challenged and empowered to take personal performance to new levels. We integrate scientifically proven training methods with an exciting approach that is both innovative and purposeful. Everything our clients do is strategically designed to contribute to more powerful, functional performance.

Our approach encompasses the fields of human movement, sports medicine and exercise physiology. Our focus is on providing clients with a clear and progressive pathway to reach their goals and fulfill their personal potential in health and life.


Type of Package Regular
1 on 1
2 People
1 Session $99 -
3 Sessions $269 $334 ($167 each)
5 Sessions $439 $539 ($269.50 each)
10 Sessions $839 $1,049 ($524.50 each)
20 Sessions  $1,569 $1,969 ($984.50 each)

Additional Services

Body Composition Analysis - $15

Assess your current status at any time with a body composition analysis. Learn your weight, body fat percentage, fat mass, fat-free mass, basal metabolic rate, and body mass index from our Tanita scale. Speak to a Fitness Specialist about body composition analysis today, no appointment required.

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