Personal Trainers

  • Tyler Armstrong
      • Ty's training career started in Kingston, Ontario where he obtained his diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. Understanding that education never ends, Ty has been sure to keep up to date on the most recent research in the field, through online and night courses at Queens, obtaining new certifications regularly and attending/administering seminars on several different topics. He has worked for 2 private training facilities, and with some college/university teams before coming to Fort McMurray last year. Ty has a diverse background within the sports performance field working with NHL, OHL, NCAA, CFL, Track and Field, MMA, Military, Police Officers and the younger, high school and pre-pubescent athletes.
      • Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer - CSEP, High School Strength and Conditioning Coach - IYCA, Certified Speed & Agility Coach - NSPA, Program Design Specialist - NSPA, GroupFit and Resistance Training Specialist - AFLCA, Pre/Post Natal Training - AFLCA, Fitness Kickboxing Canada Level 1, Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma
      • Specialty: Athletic development and performance: athletic strength and conditioning, speed and agility methods, sports rehab and injury prevention, periodization strategies/program design
  • Matt Barrett
      • Matt has been involved in fitness for over 20 years; training, encouraging, and educating family and friends. Born in rural Newfoundland as a scrawny kid, Matt knows the challenges of having no genetic advantages, no support, no nice fitness center, and no dietary supplements. In addition to these challenges he also had spinal curvature issues that made working out painful and was even advised against it. However, through self education, consistency, sacrifice, and a lot of injuries he has learned how to succeed as an athlete with safe and efficient practices. By keeping it simple, fun, and practical, Matt is genuinely committed to getting you the results you want.
      • Certifications: CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist, CanFitPro Healthy Eating and Weightloss Coach
  • Mandy Carrothers
      • Fitness has been Mandy's #1 outlet since adolescence. She has been committed to a number of competitive and recreational sport's leagues such as rugby, volleyball, basketball, olympic lifting, bodybuilding and baseball. Coming from competitive sports she has endured injuries that have humbly halted and compelled her to educate herself on physical rehab, corrective exercises and preventative measures. Strength, stamina, nutrition, flexibility and overall balance are the core factors that Mandy focuses on with clients of all ages and physical ability. With training experience ranging from young/injured rugby players to elderly clients with limited mobility or debilities, such as COPD, she believes with proper training and consistency there are no limitations to achieving success.
      • Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, Emergency Medical Responder Certificate, Basic Life Support Certificate, Police Foundations Diploma, First Aid/CRP-C/AED HCP
      • Specialty: Calisthenics, strength and conditioning, HIIT/weight loss, lifestyle and nutrition
  • Sherrell Knapton
      • Sherrell’s love for fitness started early in life when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 14, and Cancer at the age of 16. At this time in her life that she realized the importance of taking care of your body through proper fitness and nutrition. Through participating in different sports and competing in marathons, training became a huge part of her life. In 2015 she decided to obtain her Personal Training diploma. Drawing motivation from her health issues and past personal injuries, she is committed to helping other people understand the importance of a healthy active lifestyle and guide them towards achieving their goals. She always looking to learn and push herself in and attempt to help her clients achieve any and all goals ranging from weight loss to performance
      • Certifications: Elevated Learning Academy- Personal Training Diploma, ACE- Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Chronic Pain Specialist
      • Specialty: Olympic lifting, endurance athletes, group training, weight loss, body building
  • Sangram Madduri
      • After earning his Physiotherapy degree, Sangram embarked on his fitness journey by enrolling into Fitness and Health Promotion diploma program at Fanshawe, Ontario to establish that connection between therapeutic and wellness training and understanding it’s importance. While attaining his diploma, Sangram acquired an extensive information regarding training special population, integrating functional training and injury prevention strategies. Before moving to western Canada, Sangram worked at the local YMCA, designing exercise prescriptions and conducting assessments. Through his years of experience as a health and wellness professional, Sangram continues to contribute to the community with diverse roles as health promoter, personal trainer, counsellor and motivator.
      • Certifications: Bachelor's in Physiotherapy, Diploma in Fitness and Health promotion, Certified Fitness Trainer - AFLCA, Pre/Post Natal Training - AFLCA, Yoga for Athletes - Yoga Temple, Adaptive Fitness Certification - Hutton House
      • Specialty: Pre-rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation, weight-loss training, strength and conditioning, adaptive fitness and functional training
  • Janna Tucker
      • Health and Fitness has been a core part of Janna’s life since childhood where she participated in a variety of sports, with her greatest strengths in endurance based athletics. She excelled in Track and Field and was running race distances before 18 years of age, which eventually lead her to become an Ironman competitor. It was natural for her to start a career in the Health and Fitness industry where she has remained involved for over 15 years. Whatever your reasons are for beginning or advancing your fitness lifestyle, Janna is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. All aspects of lifestyle and training are exciting to Janna and she would love to guide you through the process of reaching your goals through passion, professionalism, and faith in your own abilities.
      • Certifications: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, AFLCA Exercise Theory, First Aid/CPR, ISSA Marathon Training 101, ISSA Scars & Myofascial Release
      • Specialty: Lifestyle and fitness, endurance training, life and training balance
  • Nazum Ugoala
      • Naz received a Bachelor's in Human Kinetics from University of British Columbia and currently in the Nursing program at Keyano College in FortMcMurrary. He is a Registered Kinesiologist and is passionate about helping clients who have injuries. Naz is a Certified Personal Trainer through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and a Certified Health Coach through the YMCA.  He has experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains including strength and conditioning, weight management/ weight loss, injury prevention, wellness coaching, and power training. Naz has been involved in many team sports throughout his life including soccer, tennis and wrestling.
      • Certifications: Registered Kinesiologist, CSEP CPT, Group Fitness Instructor
      • Specialty: Health and wellness education, agility, strength and conditioning training, power training, functional fitness testing for athletes and youth, and personalized program for older adults and rehabilitative training

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