Your MacDonald Island Park experience just got smarter. Introducing Smart Scan - the new MIP member wristband! Smart Scan uses RFID technology to enable quick scan access to amenities at MIP with a simple tap of your wrist. The best part? You can skip the line at Guest Services and head straight to your destination! 

  • To activate your Smart Scan wristband, please visit Guest Services 

MIP amenities enabled with Smart Scan

  • Syncrude Aquatic Centre
  • Legacy Dodge Fitness Centre 
  • High Performance Training Centre
  • Indoor Playground
  • Badminton Centre
  • Select change rooms throughout the facility 

How it Works

  1. Members pick up their Smart Scan Wristband at Guest Services
  2. Smart Scan wristband will be activated and ready for use within a 24 hour period
  3. Smart Scan wristbands function just like the regular paper wristband but now you can breeze by Guest Services and head straight to your destination to scan in when you arrive
  4. Wear your wristband any time you visit MIP as proof of Membership. Wristbands are reusable for continued use once activated

Good to Know

  • Members need to have their Smart Scan wristband on at all times when using the facility
  • Smart Scan wristbands are to be worn by users 3 years of age and over in all activity areas
  • Amenity closures do occur on occasion and are routinely scheduled for regular maintenance. Please contact Guest Services for the most up to date hours of operation for the amenities you are looking to visit
  • All facility guidelines, rules and regulations are subject to review on an ongoing basis

Frequently Asked Questions

 Smart Scan FAQ

  • Q: I am a current member, how do I receive my Smart Scan wristband?
    • A: Please see guest services and they will assist in setting up your Smart Scan wristband
  • Q: Why is my Smart Scan wristband currently deactivated?
    • A:In alignment with the Restrictions Exemption Program, Smart Scan wristbands are deactivated pending provision of proof of vaccination or exemption. To reactivate your Smart Scan wristband, please visit Guest Services with your proof of vaccination or exemption status. At this time those who provide proof of negative test result will not be able to reactivate Smart Scan wristbands. You can find more info on the Restrictions Exemption Program here
  • Q: Can I pick up my family member's Smart Scan wristband on their behalf?
    • A:If we have a current photo on file for your family member’s account, you are able to pick up their wristbands for them. If they do not have a current photo on file, they will need to come in and pick up their wristband.
  • Q: Does everyone in my family membership need a Smart Scan wristband?
    • A: Yes, all members associated with your family membership ages 3 and over will need to wear their wristband at all times.
  • Q: Do I need to continue to scan in at guest services?
    • A: No, your Smart Scan wristband allows you to access multiple areas of the facilities at MIP including; Fitness Change rooms, Syncrude Aquatics Centre Change rooms, The Legacy Dodge Fitness Centre, The High Performance Training Centre, Badminton Centre, The Studio, and the Indoor Playground. 
  • Q: What if I forget my Smart Scan wristband?
    • A: If you forget your Smart Scan wristband, you can check in at Guest Services for a temporary wristband. 
  • Q: What if I lose my Smart Scan Wristband?
    • A: If your Smart Scan wristband is lost, damaged, or stolen there is a $10 replacement cost for a new one. 
  • Q: Are Smart Scan wristbands waterproof?
    • A: Yes, the wristbands are waterproof and can be worn while in the Syncrude Aquatic Centre.
  • Q: What is the Smart Scan wristband made of?
    • A: The Smart Scan wristband is  made of silicone and includes an RFID chip. 
  • Q: Why is my child’s wristband a different colour? 
    • A: All children ages 7 and under are required to wear a red wristband within the MIP facility, to highlight that they must be within arm’s reach of a guardian at all times when using in the Syncrude Aquatic Centre.
  • Q: What happens to the wristband if my membership expires?
    • A: The wristband will become inactive until you renew your membership and you will be unable to scan into the facility.
  • Q: My child is turning 8 soon, do we need to get a new wristband for him/her?
    • A: Once your child has turned 8 please see 
      guest services to trade in the red Smart Scan wristband for your child’s new blue wristband at no cost.