Aquatics FAQ

  • How old does my baby need to be to bring to the pool?
    • All ages are welcome in the Syncrude Aquatic Center, however the Canadian Red Cross recommendation is for infants to be 4 months old before swimming in a public pool.
  • Does my baby need a diaper in the pool?
    • Yes, all young children or any other bather who is incontinent, must wear a snug-fitting water-resistant swim diaper under a proper fitting bathing suit to minimize the risk of introducing contaminants to the water. Swim diapers can also be purchased at Guest Services.
  • What amenities can I use in the Aquatic center while pregnant?
    • Pregnant women are advised not to use the sauna, steam room, whirlpools, or slides, and should do so only on the advice of their physician.
  • Can I bring snacks onto the pool deck?
    • With the exception of water (permitted only in a plastic container), no food or beverages are permitted on the pool deck. Food and drinks are only permitted in the viewing areas behind the glass barriers, not on the benches surrounding the pool.
  • Can our family come swimming before our swimming lessons?
    • Families are welcome to enjoy the facility before or after their swimming lessons, provided that they are wearing an appropriate daily wristband from guest services. Wristbands are not required for the time in lessons, but are required for public swimming before or after lessons.
  • How do I know what swimming lesson to register my child for?
    • Red Cross swimming lessons are progression based, and depend on the age of the swimmer and/or the most recent level completed. Generally, children with little to no swimming experience start out in the first levels: Sea Otter (3-6yrs) or Swim Kids 1 (5-12yrs).
    • If you would like to have a swim assessment done for your child, please ask one of the aquatic staff on your next pool visit. An instructor will take a few minutes asking your child to demonstrate various in water skills, and based on what areas they need more practice in, will be able to recommend what level to register for. Swim assessments are quick and do not need to be pre booked.
  • Do you offer adult swimming lessons?
    • We offer two types of adult swimming lessons, one for beginners that are new to the water, and another for those who can swim in deep water but are looking for more stroke development. Adult lessons are in a group setting with one instructor. Private Lessons can be arranged upon availability and through the program supervisor.
  • Is there an age or height requirement for the waterslides?
    • All ages are welcome on the waterslides, however there is a height requirement for the Yellow Waterslide (40”) and the Purple Waterslide (48”).
    • There are also slides on the spray park that are for children 12 years and younger, and under 200lbs. 
  • Where can I put my stuff?
    • One-time use, coin operated lockers are provided in the Aquatics change rooms for day-use only. The smaller lockers (50 cents and 75 cents) accept quarters, and the larger lockers ($1.00) accept Loonies. Swimmers are welcome to bring bags or belongings onto the pool deck at the discretion of the aquatic staff. RRC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items and recommends that valuable be left at home.

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