Swimwear Guidelines FAQs

Why is there a new policy?

Appropriate swim wear has always been encouraged in the Syncrude Aquatic Centre. This policy has now been developed in order to protect the health and safety of our patrons as well as reduce maintenance on pool equipment.

What are the health and safety reasons?

Street clothing can introduce bacteria into the water and even change the water chemistry. In addition, some street clothing can increase drowning risk.

How does street clothing affect pool maintenance?

Fabric dyes can affect water chemistry and fibres from non-swimwear material (eg. cotton) can clog pool filters. Metal fasteners, such as zipper tags and grommets, can damage pool equipment requiring increased maintenance and resulting in pool shutdowns to complete the necessary maintenance or replace damaged equipment.

What if my child is self conscious and wants to swim in his or her t-shirt?

There are shirts available in swim wear material that can be worn in the aquatic centre. Any other t-shirts will not be allowed based on the health, safety and maintenance reasons outlined above.

Where can I find culturally-appropriate swim wear I can wear in the aquatic centre?

This swim wear can be purchased online and through sporting goods retailers.

What kind of material is appropriate for swim wear?

Appropriate swim wear fabrics include a variety of synthetics. Any items sold specifically as swim wear are made of suitable fabric. Other fabrics, such as fitness clothing, are not suitable for an aquatic environment. Swim wear can normally be purchased at sporting good stores, as well as some department stores, and will be marketed specifically as swim wear.

I have other questions about this policy – who can I ask?

Please contact Guest Services or our staff at the Syncrude Aquatic Centre for more information or specific questions.

Please review our approved swimwear guidelines

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